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*Baby got back*

*Nickname: Lay-Lay
*Location:Orange County, California
*How did you hear about i_heart_booty:I am in a community with Alysse and she promoted it there
*Promote this to a community or lj user. Post link here *I WILL CHECK*:
*Favorite quote:"Your kisses are like the stars...They light up my life when things get dark."
*Favorite movie:Eurotrip
*Favorite band/song:band-Muse; Song-You're the Only One by Maria Mena
*Hobbies:Horseback riding, modeling, acting
*If you could be anyone (real or fictious) who would you be and why:Umm...I would be...Spiderman...because he can shoot out webs from his wrist and swing on them, and save people!
*Who's your role model and why: My mom, because she is always there for me, and loves me no matter what I do.
*Your best features:My smile
*Your worst features:My hips
*What's the best feature of the sex of your preference (tried to make that as right as politically correct as possible. Opposite sex for heterosexuals, same for homosexuals):Eyes
*2 pictures of you please:
I couldn't decide which two pics to use, so I put up more...I hope thats ok...

My friend Laura and I playing dressup in our winter formal dresses

me at my 16th birthday party

Thank you for your time!! <333

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