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i_heart_booty's Journal

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Hey Yall! Welcome to *I_heart_booty* YAY! I decided to make a community just for the fun of it.
You will need to apply in order to be in this community. First five people who apply are accepted right off the bat. Please read the directions before you apply.

*Rules for i_heart_booty*
~You have to apply and be accepted in order to be in this community. If you are rejected, you get one more chance. If that doesn't work out, you suck.
~You must answer all the questions on the application
~No younger than 13 years old...13 is even pushing it.
~Be prepared for cruelty. You are free to say whatever the hell you want. But be careful who you insult, you may be kicked out...*hint hint*
~When you accepted, please vote for others to join in the community.
~Promote :)
~In the application, please put *Baby Got Back* on the subject line.
~If you post pictures, please put them in an lj cut...we don't want them all over our friend
~No WrItInG lIkE ThIs oR I wIlL ShOoT YoU
~If you decide not to be active, you will be deleted from this community
*If any of these rules are broken, you will be banned :)

*How did you hear about i_heart_booty:
*Promote this to a community or lj user. Post link here *I WILL CHECK*:
*Favorite quote:
*Favorite movie:
*Favorite band/song:
*If you could be anyone (real or fictious) who would you be and why:
*Who's your role model and why:
*Your best features:
*Your worst features:
*What's the best feature of the sex of your preference (tried to make that as right as politically correct as possible. Opposite sex for hetersexuals, same for homosexuals):
*2 pictures of you please:

If you are accepted, either one of these will be posted as a comment:
Beyonce accepts

Britney accepts

If you are rejected, either one of these will be posted as a comment:
Christina rejects

Hilary rejects

*Good Luck*