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*baby got back*

*Nickname: J-kup (its what the goofy kids call me)
*Age: 16, almost 17 hell yes.
*Gender: female
*Location: Delmar, ny
*How did you hear about i_heart_booty: it was posed in __t00cute.
*Promote this to a community or lj user. Post link here *I WILL CHECK*:
*Favorite quote: "Never regret, because everything happens for a reason"
*Favorite movie: hmm...i would have to say.. Breakfast Club!
*Favorite band/song: "Tiger Lily"- Matchbook Romance, that song means soo much to me.
*Hobbies: volleyball, hangin out, i dont know, the usual stuff people do.
*If you could be anyone (real or fictious) who would you be and why: i dont have any one person, but i would be someone strong and able to make the best out of bad situations, someone with a good heart, someone caring and always knowing what do in tough situations, and of course id like to be good-looking! : )
*Who's your role model and why: again i dont have a real one, but the one that i would say is closest would be my mom. that lady has been through more than most people, and the things she has been through have effected her entire life, but as hard as a struggle she had going through life, shes still here and i dont know many people that could be as strong as her after going through so much.
*Your best features: I am extremely caring to people that mean alot to me, and i have a good heart although i may not always show it i feel it.
*Your worst features: my body, i hate it, and also the fact that i am extremely impatient.
*What's the best feature of the sex of your preference (tried to make that as right as politically correct as possible. Opposite sex for hetersexuals, same for homosexuals): opposite sex.
*2 pictures of you please:




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