sexxystar161 (sexxystar161) wrote in i_heart_booty,


sorry they are so small...theyre from my cell and I dont know how to make them bigger.
tell me what y'all think

this is the little 4 yr old i babysit..Andra

these are my new turtles..Pebbles and Bam-Bam

me in the car

me and andra

Cheyenne...I love this little girl sooo much!! but she lives in FL so I never get to see her..=(

my really good friend, rebecca...she is halarious!!

me the other day

a pink dress i tried on when i was in FL...i got it, but in neon green

my best friend laura trying on a hat when we were in china town

Lauras lil bro,Randy...dontchya like his new outfit...he's Kobe Bryant

I hope you all liked! tell me what you think...<3
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