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*Baby Got Back*


*Nickname: Shan, Shay, Shannanz, Shannaners
*Age: 15
*Gender: female
*Location: albany, new york
*How did you hear about i_heart_booty: from __t00cuute
*Promote this to a community or lj user. Post link here *I WILL CHECK*:
*Favorite quote: "A good friend helps you up when you fall.. but a best friend points and laughs and trips you again"
*Favorite movie: Pirates of the Caribbean, The Notebook, Finding Nemo
*Favorite band/song: something corporate, sugarcult, lost prophets.. "Promise" by something corporate is on my top list right now:)
*Hobbies: track, hanging out with friends, watching tv, online
*If you could be anyone (real or fictious) who would you be and why: hmm i'm not sure this's a tough question. i think my mom just because she's gone through sooo much and she's so strong and she's one of 2 out of 3 parents that aren't divorced and such and i really look up to her
*Who's your role model and why: ^^^my mom and such.. and she's taught me a lot of lessons and me and her are soo much alike it's scary
*Your best features: well physically i'm not sure.. my smile? lol personality-wise i would say that i can always find a way to make people laugh even in a difficult situation
*Your worst features: well i have a very short-temper and i have no patience lol
*What's the best feature of the sex of your preference (tried to make that as right as politically correct as possible. Opposite sex for hetersexuals, same for homosexuals): well phsyically i'm like obsessed with stomachs and chests! but personality wise being able to make me laugh and smile and courteous and such
*2 pictures of you please:

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